NEWS BLOG . The news blog I am identifying is CNN. I decided to do this blog because I know it’s popular and accessible by many people. This blog is compelling because all the sections are in logical order. There are different types of visual aids such as pictures and relatable links. CNN as a whole promoted their Twitter and Facebook but the author that wrote this story did not. Some elements I would incorporate in my blog are links to videos or links to things that relate to whatever topic is being talked about because it gives another point of view on the topic. I would also incorporate pictures to use as an effective visual aid. This blog was recently updated today, February 8, 2016 but I am not certain how often the blog is updated. Because there was no bio page, the only thing I can assume is that the author works for “Common Sense Media” because it was next to his name. Common Sense Media helps families make smart decisions for their kids and them too.  They empower parents and teachers by providing trusted advice and innovative tools to help them control media and technology as a positive force in all kids’ lives. Some personal elements the author incorporated was who he works with, which explains why he wrote a story on what he did. They talked about their mission, how they reach out to children and their families and how important education is to them for children.


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