Employees of Verizon Wireless Protest

In the evening of Wednesday April 27th, employees of Verizon Wireless began protesting against working without contracts. The protest was held outside of the Verizon Wireless store located in Farragut North.

The CWA is the union that employees of Verizon are a part of. The president of the CWA, Terrence Richardson, says that the employees of Verizon Wireless have been without contracts for nine months and have also been “actively pursuing a contract for nine months.”

Richardson says the union has been doing informational picketing up until April 13th, which is when the company began to strike.Richardson says that they will continue to not work until they receive the protection they deserve through contracts.

The Vice president of the CWA, Vera Farley, says that Verizon makes $1.8 billion every year, and all they feel the need to take benefits away from employees. Farley suspects that “corporate greed” is the cause of Verizon’s inability to budge. She also adds that their CEO makes $18 million a year.

President of the CWA Richardson says that the contracts hold benefits for the employees such as health care, and more. This is why the employees will absolutely not work until they receive what they asked for.

Member of the CWA, Ryan Smith says that some people are unaware of the importance that these particular Verizon members hold. He says that those particular employees of Verizon Wireless are not your typical cell phone service members. They actually repair the wire line networks which is essential to more than just the cell phone users.

Unfortunately Verizon has yet to budge when it comes to providing their employees with contracts. However, members of the union say they also wont budge until they receive one. It is hoped that they wont be protesting for too much longer.


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