Members of the DC community are frustrated due to the elimination of the bus stop at Newton without any warning. The frustration was addressed at the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) meeting held Tuesday, February 23 2016 in the Mount Pleasant Library.
           The ANC is a committee that listens to the neighborhood complaints and attempts to put ideas into action in an effort to fulfill the communities’ wishes for improvement. A meeting is held once a month, with commissioners who are the actual advocates for the community. Typically, a meeting will consist of commissioners trying to attain licenses of many sorts for restaurants and stores.

          However, this particular meeting also addressed issues affecting more than just a store owner of some sort. The community is frustrated at the inconvenience of the public bus route. The stop at the Newton was eliminated, and the community was unaware of this upcoming change.

         Carolyn Franklin, a resident effected by the change, voiced how much of an inconvenience the change was to her. “Walking an extra two blocks in not necessarily easy for some people,” says Franklin who has had knee replacement surgery.

          The change was made by the committee in an effort to save time, Franklin says, also adding that the committee claims “it saves 1.3 minutes per stop.”

         However, Franklin also claims that passengers having to walk an extra two blocks to use the bus places that extra two minutes on the passengers. Therefore, she says it does not actually save any time.

         Although, the committee had good intentions with the elimination of the stop at Newton, the inconvenience is not one that is being taken lightly. Their efforts to save time caused a petition to begin being circulated online in an attempt to reverse this change.


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