In today’s time there are many things urban teens are faced with.

They deal with things such as college applications, relationship trouble, peer pressure and more.

With all of these struggles being thrown at them on a regular basis, it’s important for teens to have someone to talk to.

Fortunately today there are many mentorship programs for one to get involved within the metropolitan area. One mentorship program in particular is Imara Roose.

Imara Roose is a local mentoring program that has college students from many different colleges mentoring Roosevelt High School girls to becoming the best woman they could  be in today’s society.

The program allows high school girls to meet with their mentor every Monday, just to talk and catch up. They also hold events like scavenger hunts, talent shows, team building and car washes. These events ware held to increase the trust within the girls in the program and to build a sisterhood.

  The Program Assistant of the organization says that if it were not for mentoring  programs like Imara Roose she would not be in college herself (Alexander). This is not how you attribute a source in a story, I want you to read up about attribution.)

She also says that having the girls look up to her has made an impact in her life. She realizes her duties as a young black woman in America. A volunteer mentor of the program says that it is good for the girls to have someone to talk to saying “you don’t want to go to your mom for everything” (Blake). She says that the definition of a mentor is a big sister, and a role model that lets you know that you can get through all your problems.

These programs are beneficial in the growth of our urban youth in the DMV area. Fortunately Imara Roose plans to continue mentoring students. However, they do plan to grow and hopefully began mentoring in different schools to increase the impact made.


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