Everyone is aware of  how important technology is in this day and age. Companies are constantly updating and improving the quality of their items to increase customer satisfaction, and to increase sales. This year there have been many anticipated new releases. One being the release of Microsoft Office 2016. After five years Microsoft has designed an entire new suite of Office.

Although it’s been five years, some things remain the same with the improved Microsoft Office, said Crishawna Vanzandt, a sales associate at Best Buy located in Columbia Heights in Washington D.C. Vanzandt said the updated Office suite should “work better with Windows 10.” She also claims that is one of the main selling points of this particular item. Although, Vanzandt also says that the item’s sells would be doing well regardless of it’s new updates.

Another new release that was also highly anticipated was the Galaxy S7. The edge feature allows a wider angle of the screen. One could also receive all notifications at the swipe of their thumb, can contact their ‘favorite people’ instantly, and the phone is water resistant.

And of course what would new release be without the release of a new Apple product. Apple has come out with a new Apple 9.7inch iPad Pro. Although this product is a new release, it doesn’t have too many new features. Its main pro is better picture and video quality. However, George Page, an Apple associate in Best Buy says the item is still doing well in sales.


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