Acacia’s Bio

IMG_0949Acacia James is a senior at Howard University where she’s majoring in journalism with a concentration in broadcast. Being a minor in political science is what drove Acacia to focus on print journalism and join campus media. She became a contributing writer for the student newspaper titled “The Hilltop,” where she covered news stories and feature pieces. Acacia was also allowed the opportunity to be on-air talent for WHBC 96.3 where she learned how to operate the boards, and prep a live radio show. Being on-air allowed Acacia the opportunity to learn many ways to carry a conversation live as well as how to switch topics and how to execute an introduction and outroduction to a live show. Acacia has also held several internships. One in particular being with WJLA-7 where she worked in the entertainment news sector and assisted with the live production of the show. Acacia has also had the opportunity to do public relations through her internship with America’s Promise Alliance where she was a
member of the Alliance Engagement team. She learned how to write a press release, and worked on gaining partners to join the company’s initiative. As her career advances upon graduation, Acacia plans to work at a local or major new station starting as a producer. She then plans to work her way up to being on-air talent and plans to one day have her own honest and unbiased platform.


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